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s a m a n t h a  c a i   h o

Hi! I'm Sam, and welcome to Salt & Light!

This is where my passion for food, art and science come together.

I graduated from Cal Poly SLO with a Bachelor's degree of Food Science, culinary concentration. I love using my knowledge of science & chemistry to create delicious and beautiful baked goods.

I'm full Chinese and grew up surrounded by Asian cuisine, so a lot of my creations are influenced and inspired by Asian flavors.

When I'm not in the kitchen experimenting, baking or cooking, I'm likely eating, spending time with friends and family, playing ball, or eating some more.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ and strive everyday to love God and love others the way God loves me. I'm fully convinced that food is the sixth love language, and hope to express that love and joy to you all through these desserts.


Thanks for checking in here!

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